Hello to all the Stars!!

Lets make referring someone more interesting by giving you a chance to make 2 BTC, YES! you heard that right 2 BTC.

No requirements, no hidden terms and policies. Simply refer and earn this 2 BTC without any hassle!!

The only thing you got to do is take your referral link from "HERE" and share with people across the internet and watch your BTC growing every minute. Claim whenever you achieve and withdraw whenever you like as at Starbux payments are done super quick no more waiting for the money you earned with your own hard work!!

Now you maybe thinking so how does this all works and how do we get 2 BTC?
Answer is very simple refer people and claim your prizes as you go there are total 14 levels and each level has higher rewards. 
For example if you refer and 5 people joined under you then you get to claim 50 BITS then more people join under you and you reached level 2 then you claim more 400 BITS and it goes on till level 14 and which is total some of approx 2 BTC.

Level Requirements Reward Total
1 5 Referrals 50 Bits 0.00000050 BTC
2 20 Referrals 400 Bits 0.00000450 BTC
3 50 Referrals 1500 Bits 0.00001950 BTC
4 100 Referrals 5500 Bits 0.00007450 BTC
5 250 Referrals 22000 Bits 0.00029450 BTC
6 500 Referrals 60000 Bits 0.00089450 BTC
7 1000 Referrals 150000 Bits 0.00239450 BTC
8 2500 Referrals 500000 Bits 0.00739450 BTC
9 5000 Referrals 1000000 Bits 0.01739450 BTC
10 10000 Referrals 3000000 Bits 0.04739450 BTC
11 20000 Referrals 7000000 Bits 0.11739450 BTC
12 50000 Referrals 15000000 Bits 0.26739450 BTC
13 100000 Referrals 50000000 Bits 0.76739450 BTC
14 200000 Referrals 120000000 Bits 1.96739450 BTC

And not only that you as well earn the commissions on top of this plus you get to win our monthly referral contests and much more. What are you waiting for? Lets get the link and start accumulating your bitcoins today!


Question 1: Are there any terms for this?
Answer: Our only term is the referrals should be real, don't force people to join, don't use any kind of referral selling programs, and don't abuse the system and kill the fun for everyone!

Question 2: Can I use PTC, forums, ads to get referrals?
Answer: Yes, you can use any ptc, forums and ads to get referrals.

Question 3: Do purchased referrals which we buy from Starbux market count in this system?
Answer: No, purchased referrals doesn't count in this system.

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