Hello to all Stars,

As everyone know Starbux run on user feedback basis to serve you the best of the industry! We received some feedback/suggestion to give out deposit and transfer bonuses and here they are. Don't forget to read it completely so you don't miss out anything!

Advertising at Starbux is cheap but all leads are high quality only as we monitor our website on daily basis and "clean out the bad seeds from the fruit" all ads are unique and only once per day shown to a user. Now enjoy this cheap ad rates with more fun of upto 100% bonus!! 

15000 - 10000 Bits5%
215000 - 30000 Bits10%
340000 - 80000 Bits15%
4100000 - 200000 Bits20%
5250000 - 500000 Bits30%
6550000 - 1000000 Bits40%
71100000 - 3000000 Bits50%
83200000 - 5000000 Bits60%
95500000 - 10000000 Bits80%
1011000000 - 50000000 Bits100%

All Bonuses are manually processed so you have to contact us at to get the bonus credited and we also offer more bonuses for fixed banners on header and Newsletter advertisement please contact for more details.

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